Tech Stuff for Angove's Classes

  1. Computer Specs to run Adobe Programs

  2. One Drive Storage

  3. Use LaunchPad for remote access (Online Only)
    Download your OneDrive at home HERE (Link top right)

  4. LaunchPad - Your #1 place to start

  5. Logging into your Creative Cloud


  1. Chromebooks cause problems.  If a student has problems, ALWAYS ask what kind of computer they are using.  If it’s not a Window10 PC, there will often be problems.  One of the most problematic types is the Chromebook.  In order for Focus/Google Classroom to work, a student CANNOT be logged in to a personal Google/Gmail account!  Unfortunately, by definition you MUST be logged in to a  personal Google/Gmail account to use a Chromebook.
    1. SOLUTION:  Recommend that Chromebook students get a loaner laptop from school.
  2. Can’t access Google Classroom.  Students can log into Launchpad and Focus, but can’t access Google Apps or Google Classroom.
    1. SOLUTION:  Same problem as #1—somewhere, someone has logged in to Google with a personal account.  Personal accounts and school accounts do not mix.  This often happens on home computers share multiple users.
      • The short-term fix is to clear all saved passwords and history/cached files in the Chrome browser.
  • Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser window
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Autofill"
  • Click on "Passwords"
    • Here you will find all the accounts for which you have saved usernames and passwords. 
    • Find your school log-in username and "Remove" it
  • Next, clear the Browsing data
    • Under Privacy and Security, Click Clear browsing data
    • There are two tabs in the dialogue box.  Make sure you are on the Basic tab
    • Make sure your Time Range is set to All Time
    • Make sure that Browsing history, Cookies and other site date and Cached images and files
    • Click the Clear data button.
      • This clears all stored website information, which is PROBABLY the most likely cause of your error.
  1. Home computer is a Mac.  Launchpad and the apps inside are optimized to run with the Google Chrome web browser.  They don’t really work with Safari, which is the standard browser for a Mac.
    1. SOLUTION:  Download and install Chrome for Mac  ( --click the “Other Platforms” link near the bottom.
    2. For students using iPads/iPhones, there is a Google Chrome app available in the App Store.
  2. Sound Issues – Students.
    1. The most common issue we’ve encountered with sound is “…I used to have sound but it suddenly stopped.”
    2. SOLUTION:  Hold the Left SHIFT key and the On/Off button in at the same time for no less than 20 seconds.  This forces a “hard shut down” on the computer.  Wait 10 seconds, then start the computer again.  This forces the machine to load the original driver for sound, and usually clears the problem.
  3. Sound Issues – You.
    1. The little speaker icon in the “System Tray” (lower right corner of your screen) is your Friend!   A picture containing meter, player, clock  Description automatically generated 
    2. Right click on the speaker and chose “Open Sound Settings
    3. You have dropdown boxes for both Output and Input.
      • Output is your speaker system.  If you can’t hear anything and the speaker isn’t muted (  ) and you have more than one selection, choose the next selection.  Many of our peripherals can be “seen” as sound devices and the computer thinks you want to use them if they’re the last to be plugged in.  Learn which speaker system works for you, write the name on a sticky and keep it nearby…you may have to choose it again!
      • Input is your microphone system.  Same deal…if you are not muted and have multiple options, keep choosing options until you see the level bar moving when you talk. 
    1. To test your mic and speaker system: 
      • Press the Windows Key on you keyboard (lower left corner) and type “record”
      • You should see the Voice Recorder app highlighted.  Do a short recording and then play it.  If you hear your voice, both input and output are working.  😊



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