Welcome Parents

My hope is to have 2 way communication with you. I want your student to succeed and excel this school year. To that result, I am here most every morning and have an open lab policy. Basically, students are welcome throughout the day to work on any of my lessons or just utilize the computers.

Contact Me

EMAIL: The best way to contact me - angove.john@brevardschools.org
NOTE: Send a note in with your student with the best way to contact you.
PHONE: School 321-952-5880.
SCHOOL WEBSITE: You can also navigate to our main school site.


I generally update grades a couple of times a week. I will accept any work, but after 2 weeks, I only give 50%. Please monitor your student's grades and, if there are any issues, I will be happy to review it with your student to fix any grading issues.
While I am always happy to help you with any issues, please let your student handle things as much as possible.

Forseeable Issues

ATTENDANCE: This is the number one reason students don't do well in my class (and I assume, school) Most of my classes are performance based and the work needs to be completed in class. Therefore, good attendance is very important.If your student is absent they should come in before school ASAP.
IF needed, I will also stay after school to assist your student to complete any work as well. Please make an appointment with me to ensure that I will be here.

Absences - What students are expected to do.

1. Look at/read the lesson plans.
2. Ask a neighbor what we did.
3. Come see me and tell me what you think we did - we'll go over it.
4. Make up the work (and SHOW ME) so I can assign an appropriate grade.


FILE STORAGE /ORGANIZATION: Electronic files are kept on Microsoft OneDrive (which is accessible from home as well and backs up their work automatically online) Students get this account along with full access to Microsoft Office online.

: Nothing will bring your student's grade down quicker than zeros on any work. Students should attempt ALL work and turn in something - even if it is not completed.

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