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Premiere Project 1 (Files are HERE 18MB)

Premiere 1-1 Short Introduction to PR - look around, panels, docking, workspace.
Premiere 1-2 Importing media, locating project files, moving to timeline, shortening image lenght,
Premiere 1-3 Adding Intro and Outro, adding music
Premiere 1-4 Adding transitions and exporting to MP4

Premiere Project 1.5

Premiere 15-1 Premiere 1.5 Adding Animations to previous project.

Premiere Project 2 ( Files are HERE 21MB)
Adding Video and Images to a Advertisement

Premiere 2-1 New Project, Importing vidoes and audio, YES THIS MUSIC IS BAD PLEASE GET YOUR OWN IF YOU CAN! Editing music.
Premiere 2-2

Titles, transitions and edit audio (2:00-2:10 3 ACTUALLYS!~) Deleting audio off the video tracks, adding video transitions, adding audio transitions.


Premiere 2-3
We are not on YouTube, exporting video for MP4 usage.

Premiere Project 3 Green Screen

Project files are HERE (37MB)

Premiere 3-1 Green Screen with Ultra Key, Overlay of titles, transitions



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