HTML Videos

HTML Introduction 10:01 HTML Introduction - View Page Soure, Page Inspection in Chrome, W3Schools Introduction, Staying Organized, Plan to start websites.  
First Site 01 11:38 Plan site Out: Sketch site out in Paint, Create Folders for new website, Starting W3Schools, Start Notepad++, Save As .html.
Basic Site Structure
First Site 02 16:08 Headings, p, links, Images, downloading and inserting, hr  
First Site 03 9:03 Adding colors, inline CSS  
Quick Keys Word   WORD document of quick keys  
Quick Keys 01 11:30 Site Plan/Get Resources, Start Building, Sandwich Site
New Site/Folder, Basic Site Setup with inline CSS
Quick Keys 02 8:36 Body Backgrounds, Font Choices, Copying/Pasting from Word, Alignment text,  
Quick Keys 03 8:34 Colors, OL and UL, Bold, Italicize, EM  
Quick Keys 04 10:45 Inline CSS to Internal  
Quick Keys 4.5 6:49 hr width, hexadecimal colors, Text alignment, Address,  
Quick Keys 05 6:38 Internal CSS to External CSS  
Quick Keys 06 7:22 Borders, Padding, Margins, BGColors  

Quick Keys 07

833 Image Floating, Page Border  


Video 01 11:10

Sketching out website (Comp.jpg), HTML5 tags, Setting up folders, Basic site structure,

11:00 Minutes

Video 02 11:00 External CSS Link (Use W3WSchools), Setting up new CSS for Div Tags,
11:00 Minutes
Video 03 6:41 Puting in HTML information, Adding CSS, Modifying CSS to look better
Video 04 7:38 Linking to pages, Special Characters(dividing links), Link colors CSS
Video 05 10:56 Paletton Colors, CoolText for images
10:56Minutes (More time needed to change colors to Paletton
Video 06 11:50

HTML Tables, CSS to support Table borders, colors.

Video 07 7:22

Duplicating Pages -ONLY do this when index is PERFECT
Change 4 things each Page -- Page Name, Page Title, Header Picture, Header Name

Video 08 10:20 Adding Content to pages - pictures and text. Don't forget to H1,H2, H3
Video 09 7:28 Images as Links - Organizing the table.
7:28 Minutes
Video10 7:42 Cleaning up and adjusting your site, Image Folder, checking everything
7:42 Minutes
4-PerSite   Setting up new site, copying old site over, Nav tag, width, float
12:00 Minutes


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