DW Introduction

DW Introduction DW-Introduction Short Introduction to DW - look around, panels, docking, workspace.
DW-Starting New site DW-Starting a New Site How to start a new site in DW - website design process.
DIV Tags DW-Setting up DIVs with CSS New DIV tags and setting up CSS

7-LC - Language Club Website
Chapter 6-7 in Green Book Files HERE

Part 1 7-LC-Part1-Comp and DIV tags Comp and DIV Tags
Part 2 7-LC-Part2-Pages and CSS Creating initial page and CSS
Part 3 7-LC-Part3-Creating Templates Creating Template
Part 4 7-LC-Part4-Making Pages and Adding Content Making Pages and Adding Content
Part 5 7-LC-Part5-More Content - Uploading Additional Content and Uploading

10 Bike and Hike

Part 1 Chapter 8 Making the website - Chapter 8 Sections 8.1-2
Part 2 Chapter 8

Adding an Image Map Chapter 8.3 Section 8D

Part 3 Chapter 9.1-3 Multimedia - SWF and GIF's
Part 4 Chapter 10.1-2 Behaviors/Javascript
Part 5 Chapter 10.3 Form

11 My Disk Designs

Part A (12Min) Chapter 12 Initial Site Setup,creating internal CSS, linking external CSS, Creating a form
Part B (17min) Chapter 12 - 13 Privacy Policy, Interal Links FAQ, Reports, links, Guestbook, Meta Data

12- Demo Site

Part3 Boostrap Bootstrap Demonstartion
1. Navbar Linked to top
2. Carosel
3. Buttons Group - Toolbar
4. Responsive Images
5. Pill Dropdown

13 Personal Site

Day1 No Video

BUT you can look at above videos
Create your site using DIV tags
Replace NAV with ASIDE due to future bootstrap issues
Day2 No Video
BUT you can look at above videos

Use Paletton to make colors
H1-H3 - Link -
Background, etc

Part3 (8:51) Boostrap Nav Inserting Bootstrap
1. Navbar fixed to top - creating new links,
Part4 (11:02) Template

Create Template
Add H1 titles and Page Titles
Link footer &,Aside

Part4B (4:38) Linking Bootstrap Be careful!!!
DW Page Linking Old Sites

How to link up / uploading old websites

PS Page PS Portfolio Uploading and linking all the PS assignments that we have completed.



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