Animate ACA Review

AN-Review Post Test / Workspace ACA Objectives, Domains Covered, Workspace review
AN - Review Images 1 Workspace, Toolbar, Importing, Free Transform, Scale, SHIFT, ALT and CTRL handles. Trace Bitmap
AN - Review Images 2 Trace Bitmap, Grouping, Symbols (Movie Clip)
Properties look through, X&Y Positioning, Naming Layers
AN - Shapes 1 Making Shapes Rectangle, Fill and Stroke, Style of Stroke, (OT) Brush tool, , Swatches, Gradient Tool. Changing Gradient direction, Bitmap Fill
Using Selection tool to change shape, SubSelection tool with handles,
AN - Shapes 2 Rectangle Stroke and Fills, Putting shapes on top of others, line tool
AN - Shapes 3 Primitive Shapes, Rounded Corners(OT), Oval tool
AN - Text 1

Text tools, Fonts, Sizes, other properties, linking text, Static text vs. Dynamic Text.
Vertical/Horizontal Text (OT), Copy Filters to other text, Scaling Text\

GUIDES (11:21) Rulers, Guides, Editing Guides

AN - Text 2 Tracking, Kerning, Leading
An-Masking Importing to Stage, Trace Bitmap, Coverting to Symbols, Symbols differences, Text Layers, Masking text layer, Filters on text (makes mask no work), Exporting Images (PNG/GIF)
Mask, Circle Mask, Double Mask Layers MUST be locked.

Tween-Motion ?


Motion Tweens (Suggest that you use the videos below)




AN-01 Workspace Review Review of Workspace, Docking and Undocking
AN-02-Images Working with Images
Motion Tween 01

Color Motion BLUE (Motion of the Ocean)

Stroke and Fill, (Solid,Linear, Radial) Transform Gradient
Motion Tween - premade tweens , Editing Tweens using Selection and SubSelection Tools

Ease – how fast thing happen Pre-set animationsRotating the Symbol Motion BLUE (Motion of the Ocean) Ease – how fast thing happen Pre-set animations Rotating the Symbol, Using Timeline ease panel.

Motion Tween 02


Motion Tween - BLUE (Motion of the Ocean)
Draw shape, change Stroke and Fill, Gradient Transform tool, Converting to Symbol (MC), Naming Layers, Motion Path, Selection Tool moving path, Sub-Selection tool, Editing Ease function, Adding Points, Rotating Shapes, Changing View (zooming in) , Changing ease using Properties, Changing symbol colors using tween, Filters,

Shape Tween 01


Shape Tween Color GREEN
Stroke & Fill Colors, Fill (Solid, Linear, Radial)
Shape must NOT be a symbol
Editing shape using Select/SubSelect Tool
Downloading Sound Files from YouTube - Importing Sounds, changing sound effects. (SORRY you can't hear my sound.)

Classic Tween 01

Classic Tween - PURPLE (Royal color - Classic)
Classic Tween converts to a Graphic Symbol
Simple tween, using premade Tweens, Clicking on Graphic OR Keyframe, Adding Sound Effects, (Sorry you can't hear mine!),

Clasic Tween 02
Using Right Click and Add Motion Guide

Classic Tween - PURPLE (Royal color - Classic)
Downloading Royalty Free images, importing to stage, Changing stage color, inserting classic tween, change graphic name, classic tween has line in it, using pre-made ease motions, rotate, swapping images.
Classic Motion Guide (7:00) , Circle on graphic MUST be on the line, (NOTE the line doesn't show on document when published), Guide Path, Editing Guide Path using Selection and Sub-Selection tool.


Classic Tween 03

Classic Tween - PURPLE (Royal color - Classic)

Using MC symbol OR Graphic, Classic Tween, Keyframe review, new layer, add pencil path, right click to make Guide layer, Drag up and underneath the guide to apply the guide layer, snapping graphic to guide,

Tween ALL Last Review

Motion/Blue - Shape/Green - Classic/Purple

TEXT - Text Tween and Motion Tween
Kerning, Tracking, Leading,
Filters (Drop Shadow, Bevel)
Adding Motion Tween
Moving Keyframes

Text converted to MC Symbol Editing Text, making tween

Gradient shapes, adding swatches, Gradient transform tool, Changing ease








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