1. Please don't bring/eat food in the computer lab.
2. Make up work from your absences ASAP.
3. Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
4. MHS Policy is your phone/earbuds should NOT be visable in any of your classes.
5. MHS Policy is you receive 4 restroom/other passes every nine weeks. Plan accordingly.
6. Remember theMHS Honor Policy and Plagarism Policy

Student Accounts (That is the ST part)
1. Main Adobe/Outlook School Account -
2. Google Account -


Regarding policy 5136 Wireless Communications Devices, as you will see below the policy allows principals flexibility tailored to their schools. Further the current policy allows principals to determine to what extent teachers have flexibility in their classrooms regarding student use of cell phones. It is clear that cell phones are not to be used during instructional time unless so authorized by a teacher or administrator.
Please see link for WCD Policy 5136:

In the next several weeks we are reaffirming at the school level the Student/Parent cell phone contracts. Principals will assure that all contracts are updated and kept in the school file. Please note that the contract states “discipline action may include but is not limited to an office discipline referral and confiscation of the phone. Additionally, student abuse of this policy will result in the student losing the privilege to be able to carry a cellphone/WCD permanently, or for a period of time as determined by an administrator.”
I’d like to emphasis that it is the principal or their designee who have the responsibility to confiscate phones, not the teachers. Teachers shall refer students for cell phone violation to the school administration.

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