1. Please don't bring/eat food in the computer lab.
2. Make up work from your absences ASAP.
3. Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
4. Use your phone responsibly - it should NOT distract you from getting your work done.
5. Remember theMHS Honor Policy and Plagarism Policy

Student Accounts (That is the ST part)
1. Main School Account -
2. Adobe Account -
3. Google Account -
4. Your Outlook(mail) -

Announcement videos are HERE
MHS Scroll is HERE


SENIORS: Your Google Share account will be deleted - if you want to save anything (and I recommend you do) you will need to download your information to your computer then upload it to a personal Google account or USB Drive. Even if you think you might not need it, you should do it - you can always delete it later... HERE is a google take out link, but you only need this for your Website and possibly Google Classroom assignments.
You should also clean up your OneDrive and upload that to your personal Google account as well.




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