1. Please don't bring/eat food in the computer lab.
2. Make up work from your absences ASAP.
3. Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
4. Use your phone responsibly - it should NOT distract you from getting your work done.
5. Remember theMHS Honor Policy and Plagarism Policy

Student Accounts (That is the ST part)
1. Main School Account -
2. Adobe Account -
3. Google Account -
4. Your Outlook(mail) -

WEB BROWSERS: If something is blocked - use a different brower (Chrome/Edge/Internet Explorer) OR You can try Incognito Mode - that works too!

Announcement videos are HERE

NEW EVACUATION - stay with current teacher
NEW CELL PHONES - Unless you are using it for a class activity - it needs to be put away!
B/R PASS - Make sure you check in using scanner/ID


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